Save the Holidays, with a Sofa.

With the merry holidays a hop skip and a jump away, I’m betting you’ve been buzzing like a bee to get everything ready. There’s meals to cook, gifts to buy and of course, relatives. Preparing for your relatives to visit is a dreadful task, but I promise going to the liquor store isn’t the only way to brace yourself for the in-laws.  


The sofa is sure to be the center of activity during the festivities, so why not make it a comfortable center of attention. Your friends and family will be sitting, lying, napping, sleeping and hopefully not standing on your sofa. 


This is your chance to really show them you’ve got it together. Having a sofa that’s pretty to look at and comfortable to sit and sleep on is no small job. There’s a few things to keep in mind when hunting for that all important focal point. 

  1. Quality is your friend- Your cheeks will spend a lot of time in this seat so don’t be skimpy. Buying a high quality sofa might mean paying a higher price, but don’t let it scare you. Make sure it’s made with top shelf materials, and maybe even get a warranty. You won’t regret it.
  2. Size matters- Before you leave the house, measure the place the sofa will be living to make sure you don’t buy something that takes more than its fair share of room. You’ll also what to think about the other furniture in the room, they have feelings too. If all your furniture is low to the ground and you buy a tall monstrosity of a sofa things might get awkward. 
  3. Sleep on it- A sofa with a pullout mattress is a great option for the entertainer with overnight guests. After all, you want to spoil your guest with a restful night on a soft mattress, not a night of tossing and turning on a couch. 


American Leather is absolutely the the cream of the crop when it comes to sleeper sofas. There’s no bars, springs or sagging in the mattress. Just pure delight and a deep slumber. Not only is the mattress to die for, the simple yet elegant style can complement any room. 

With an American Leather sofa your relatives will be so impressed they might even get along this year.