A Lamp with Attraction

A couple of weeks ago we chatted about our new friend the magic LED desk lamp, and this week we’re introducing a lamp with a truly magnetic personality. The Lana lamp from Pablo is the Swiss Army knife of lamps. It can transform from a desk lamp to a wall lamp and then a floor lamp, all in the blink of an eye.

The most fantastic part is all these transformations can be made with one hand tied behind your back. The Lana lamp uses a magnetic attachment system so all you have to do is pick up the lightweight shade and LED module and place it on the wall mount or pedestal.

That’s right, no pesky Ikea nuts and bolts to fumble with and no bewildering instructions to follow. Just decide where you want to put it and put it there, it’s easier than selling a heater to an eskimo.


Once you’ve decided where it’s going, it’s a snap to adjust the shade and light. Since the shade is magnetically attached, you can position it any which way you can think of: upside down, sideways, right side up, or maybe even a little off-kilter.


Not only is it simple to move and adjust, it’s made of simply the best materials. The handcrafted 100% wool felt shade offers a soft and welcoming look, which is married to a high tech LED light featuring full range dimming, directional light source and a touch sensitive switch with light level memory.



The cherry on top is you get to take your pick of five elegant colors for the shade. Not to be out done by the shade, the pedestal also comes in one of two equally striking finishes.  


Lana by Pablo is positively the most versatile lamp you can hope to find. These award winning lamps are bound to disappear fast so don’t dilly dally around, swing by the shop and take one home.