Inaugural National Pie Day Sale

There’s nothing more American than pie and saving money, so we thought we would roll them together and see what happens. In honor of National Pie Day, FIFTEENTH AND HOME will be having a tremendous sale tomorrow with up to 75% off items. As if the sale isn’t enough to entice you, we’ll be serving cherry pie and coffee from Tulsa’s own Antoinette Baking Company. If you’ve never had pie from Antoinette you should know they take their pies very seriously.


Enough about the pies, what about the sales? We have a beautiful selection of items on sale Saturday. Here’s just a few to give you a taste.


Bugatti Lamp by Interlude Home


This gorgeous acrylic lamp gives shape and interest to any desk, side table, or nightstand.   


Atlante Lamp by Slamp

When was the last time your lamp turned heads? The Atlante is guaranteed to do just that.


City Nightstand by Calligaris

Simple and sleek. This is what other nightstands dream about becoming.


Arctic Media Cabinet by Question Objects

Careful, you might spend more time staring at the TV stand than actual TV.


Frankie Chair by American Leather


A looker from every angle, this handsome devil looks like the spot Don Draper himself might polish off his 3rd glass of scotch.


Arctic Vertical Dresser by Question Objects

A touch of modern yet perfectly simple. You’ll be shocked by how much these six drawers can hold.


James Rocker by Indo Puri

Take one part tropical and one part midcentury modern, add a garnish of comfort, and you’ll get this incredibly unique rocking chair.


Be sure to stop by Saturday to see all the incredible items we have on sale and fill up on scrumptious pie and coffee.