Designing with Plants

We live in an artificial world. Fake foods, fake reality TV, and I’m starting to think Dr. Phil might even be a fake doctor. Since we’re surrounded by fake things, why would you want to bring a fake plant into your home?

Filling your home with real plants is not only a great way to decorate, there are actually a few health benefits to having living plants inside. But before you rush off to buy out your local florist, here’s a few tips to design with plants. 

  • Don’t kill the plants- For some, this is easier said than done. Before you buy consider where the plants are going and how much sun that spot gets. Be sure to only get plants that can thrive in the desired spot’s climate. You’ll also want to think about your ability and dedication to take care of the plants. If you’ve killed every plant you’ve ever touched, maybe a low maintenance plant would be better for you. 
  • Something smells- Herbs like mint and lavender are perfect if you want to satisfy your eyes and your nose. These pungent plants add a fun touch to any space, and they can even come in handy while cooking. 
  • Buy the good pot- Calm down, we’re talking about flower pots. The classic terracotta flower pot has its place, but there are plenty of other non-traditional options. Everything from old coffee tins to trendy glass spheres to baskets are all being used as flower pots. Be creative and see what you can find. 

  • Paint with flowers- It might seem obvious, but the color of the plant should work seamlessly with the color scheme of the room. If you’ve worked hard to curate the perfect shades, colors, and hues for your home, incorporate that work into buying flowers. 
  • Last but not least- We would terribly remiss if we wrote a whole blog about designing with plants and didn’t mention the ever popular succulent. These little plants are all the rage right now and for good reason. They look great and they’re really hard to kill. If your thumbs aren't remotely green, succulents might be your answer. 

Plants bring the room to life by literally bringing life to the room. If you need help finding the right layout or combination of colors and plants call us and ask about our design services.