Tailors Aren’t Just for Your Suits

One of our favorite brands, American Leather, is offering a deal tailor fit just for you. From now until May 9th, you can hand pick the leather, fabric and the wood finish for your sofa and get in your living room just 20 days.


This early bird service normally costs $295. But since they’re such nice people, they’re dropping the fee like a hot potato.

American Leather offers a fantastic collection of sofas and chair and you can pick and choose from 5-star materials to build your very own. Since there are so many options to pick from, here’s a bit of information on all the options.


Leather- If you want something durable, cleanable, and some might even say adorable, then leather is for you. This isn’t your average leather. American Leather treats all their leather upholstery with an environmentally friendly coating that makes cleaning up after spills and thrills a breeze.



When it comes to leather some like a nice natural brown and some like a racy red. That’s why you can get leather in every color in the rainbow.



Fabric- Just because the company name is American Leather doesn’t mean they clueless when it comes to fabric. In fact, they offer fabrics that can withstand any home. Their specially engineered fabrics are so tough, not even your malicious little nephew can ruin it.



The biggest advantage of choosing fabric over leather is patterns. You can find geometric, abstract, and even whimsical patterns to give your sofa some zest.



Wood Finishings- Not all sofas come with wood finishings, but those that do offer an added way to customize your sofa. Whether is oak, ash or walnut, wood finishings are always a welcomed hint of elegance.Hurry in while you still can, May will be here before you know it.


Hurry in while you still can, May will be here before you know it.