5 Popular Styles Defined and Explained

There are plenty of buzzwords floating around the design world and sometimes it seems like you need a glossary to understand everything. At FIFTEENTH AND HOME we never want our customers to feel lost or confused so we made this lovely little handbook that defines and explains five of the most popular design styles.


This particular style is especially popular in our neck of the woods because actually farms are so abundant. Farmhouse style is characterized by rustic and distressed pieces paired with a predominantly white and beige color scheme. Lots of natural wood appears frequently in a farmhouse design. Nontraditional pieces like the old milk crates or mason jars are typical. 


A nautical style shouldn’t be confused with a nautical theme. While a nautical themed room might have sailboats pillows and anchors, a nautical styled room will be in the vein of a New England coastal cottage. Filled with unfinished woods and linen upholstery, the color scheme is white and sand, accented by a signature navy blue. 

Mid-Century Modern

One of the most iconic styles in American history, and a personal favorite around the shop, mid-century modern is clean, minimal, and chic. This style puts a new spin on 1950’s design and pulls in a bit of new modern flare. With mid-mod you aren’t limited to a certain color scheme, you just need to make sure the shapes and flow of the room are consistent. 


Somewhat of a fusion between farmhouse and mid-mod with a Norwegian accent, Scandinavian style is well engineered and simple. The color scheme is white and grey with a few soft accent colors. The lines are simple and well thought out, which can make doing a Scandinavian room by yourself a bit tricky. If you dream of a Scandinavian wonderland don’t be afraid to make use of our design services. 


Raw, rusted steel, exposed brick, vintage finds, and unique light bulbs, the industrial style is all about the turn of the century. Copper and galvanized steel accents are no stranger here, nor are leather sofas and chairs. This style can easily become overly masculine, so be aware if that’s not your intention.