Magic LED Desk Lamp

The shop has a new little friend that can do a magic trick. Don’t believe me? Kindly direct your eyes to the video below.

This nifty lamp can go from 0 to 18 inches faster than you can say hopscotch. And the best part is when you need some up close lighting, the lamp makes the arm vanish like Jimmy Hoffa. Besides being a Copperfield in training, the KIU adjustable desk lamp uses LED lights instead of dingy old incandescent lightbulbs. 

LED lights offer several benefits that incandescent bulbs just can’t compete with. 

  1. These LED lights can be 90% more efficient than regular bulbs. So even though LEDs are a bit more expensive to buy, you’ll save oodles of money on your electric bill. 
  2. You can’t go two minutes without hearing someone talk about how we’re slowly killing the environment. Tragic as this is, you can do your part by using LEDs because they’re made with non-toxic chemicals.  
  3. LEDs last longer than most relationships. So even though your fling with that handsome beau only lasted a couple weeks, these bulbs last 60,000 hours. 

So this lamp can do magic, is good for your wallet and the world, and there’s still more. The shade can adjust 120° and is made with a honeycomb design that’s sure to be all the buzz. 

Since it was designed in Germany, you know they thought of everything. And this time everything included a dimmer for when you need to set the mood. With only one finger you can take the room from bright and fresh to comfy and cozy. 

This magic lamp can be yours in either a matte black or shiny chrome finish. Both are sure to match any room. 

If you have a blank spot on your desk that needs to be brightened up, swing by the shop and snatch one up while we still have some left.