BDI Sale- Making Furniture That Makes Sense

In 1984 Bill Becker took a look at the furniture industry and he did not like what he saw. Fed up with the way things were, Bill wanted to make furniture that was smart and stunning. So that’s what he did. Today BDI makes furniture that makes sense, perfectly blending style and function. 


FIFTEENTH AND HOME carries BDI because we have a similar vision, to offer a well-edited selection of smart merchandise that balances quality with value. 


To celebrate our shared vision, we’re offering 15% off all BDI products for the next two weeks. 


We have a fabulous selection of BDI products so you can fill your home with furniture so smart, it has a higher IQ than most politicians. Here’s a quick preview of all the wonderful pieces we have. 


Corridor Bar

Corridor Bar


We’ve all seen Tom Cruise dazzle everyone with his charisma and fancy bottle tricks in Cocktail. With this bar you can store all the goodies needed to put Tom to shame and show off some moves of your own. 


Format Desk



Every inch of this desk is designed to keep things simple. No flash or fluff, just top shelf materials and elegant lines. 


Sequel Series



Another great option for a small office is the sequel office series. This office set was designed to tame the mess technology can make. Give every cord, charger, and device a home. 


Bink Table


Bring it inside, take it outside, type on it, read on it, drink on it, and eat on it. The Bink mobile media table can go anywhere and do just about anything. 

Stop by the shop and find a BDI piece that fits your home and simplifies your life.