Your New Favorite Chair

Everyone has their favorite chair. It could be a reading chair, a napping chair, a thinking chair or all three rolled into one. If you’re in the market for a new chair that can be your new favorite, allow me to introduce you to the Rose chair by Younger. The stunning curves cast a vision of simplicity and decadence. Younger has been a trusted name in upholstered furniture for years and their commitment to quality shines brightly in this piece.

There are five reasons why the Rose chair will be your favorite chair for any occasion.

  1. It’s all about the base- The Rose chair is made with a sturdy base of gorgeous hardwood, shaped to fit into any design plan.

  2. It’s been framed- Kiln-dried North American hardwoods, double-doweled and glued, with blocked corners and joint breakers for added reinforcement, form a strong and long-lasting frame.

  3. Spinning a web- To make sure you’re comfortable in any situation, hand woven webbing is used instead of springs. The result is a remarkably comfortable and supportive experience.

  4. Tighter than a drum- Upholstered by hand and constructed of 2.0 density foam lets you relax in this chair for years to come without worrying about sagging.

  5. Padding never hurt anyone- What good is a chair that isn’t comfortable to sit in? Younger uses a double layer of padding to make sure you never want to leave the chair again.

Start your new year with a resolution to do more with less. The Rose chair by Younger gives you plenty of options without being a bulky eyesore.  With all the hustle and bustle of the new year, this chair won’t be here long so come in quick to get one or two for your home.