How to Make the Perfect Reading Nook

Binge watching Blacklist and Making a Murder is all good and well, but there’s still something to be said about cracking open a book and getting lost in literature. With phones and computers constantly buzzing and beeping, escaping into a book is getting harder and harder to do. One way to remedy this is to create a snug reading nook. 

Designing the perfect space to read your heart away is a bit of a science, but if you follow a few simple steps you’ll turn any spare room into a page turning sanctuary. 

  • Find lots of books- This should be obvious. 
  • Get a chair- Every reading nook needs a proper reading throne. You’ll want to get a chair you can sit in for hours without noticing how much time has passed. Different people want different things in a reading chair, some want a nice arm chair, others might want an overstuffed recliner, and others might even want a reading couch or desk instead of a chair. To find what works best for you it can be helpful to go take a few chairs for a test drive at the furniture store.
  • Let the light in- Groucho Marx once said, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.” Our friend Groucho makes a good point, if it’s too dark to read, a book isn’t very useful. Make sure your nook has enough natural lighting and if it doesn’t, find a handy little, or big, lamp. The Lana lamp by Pablo is a great option for a reading lamp. 
  • Clear off the shelves- Since you’ve gone through all the trouble to collect your favorite novels and stories, you’ll need to display them properly. Built-ins are great, but not every home is lucky enough to have them. If you’re not one of the unlucky few, you’ll need to get some new shelves to show off your prized possessions. 

Reading nooks are a much needed withdraw from your busy modern world. Follow these steps and before you know it you’ll forget all about the Kardashians and emojis.