Comfort Sleeper Sale

American Leather Comfort Sleepers sofa will be on sale from March 4th to April 5th. These sofas are not your average sofas. With an American Leather Comfort Sleeper you don’t have to compromise between having a top shelf sofa and a cozy guest bed, because the good people at American Leather finally found a way to give you both in one piece of furniture. Here’ how they did it. 

american leather


  • Quality everything - From the solid wood foundation made by hand in America to the fabrics and leathers so soft and durable it looks brand new every day, American Leather spared no expense. 
  • Easy peasy - And don’t fret, the design is just as good as the parts that make it. Decoding a Starbucks barista’s handwriting requires more effort than packing this mattress away.
  • Tempur-perfect - Speaking of the mattress, it comes in your choice of Tempur-pedic, gel, or premier. Each option lets you pick if you want a firmer or softer mattress. Since these sofas only use foam mattress, there’s no bars, no sagging and springs.
  • Royal flush - Once you pick which kind of foam you want, you can also pick what size it comes in. The Comfort Sleepers come in seven sizes, kings, queens, and even a cute little cot. This makes it perfect for any size room or living situation. 

As you can see, no other sleeper can really compare to the American Leather Comfort Sleeper. So mark your calendars, call Goodwill to donate your old sofa, and hurry in to find your Comfort Sleeper.