5 Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitos

There are two things that can ruin an outdoor gathering, running out of wine and mosquitos. We can’t help fix the first problem, but we do have some ideas to remedy the second. Since tiki torches and candles can only do so much, try one of these ideas. 

  1. Plant Power- Basil, lavender, peppermint, marigolds, lemon balm, and of course citronella can all repel mosquitos. If you plant these around your patio or deck, the smell should help keep the bugs at bay. If the plants aren't doing the trick, try making some bundles and throwing them in a fire. Burning these plants has been known to increase the potency.
  2. H2No- Take a walk through the yard and get rid of any standing water. Keep an eye out of bird baths, empty pots, kiddy pools, or pet bowls. Standing water is a mosquito's favorite place to lay eggs. So if you get rid of the eggs, you’ll get rid of the bugs. Be sure to check your gutters for clogged leaves. This notorious honey-do list item can be a safe haven for hatching eggs if left undone. 
  3. Go Batty- This solution isn’t for everyone, but it’s still a good one. Attracting bats with a bat house will take care of the mosquito problem, but you also have bats in your backyard. Some people aren’t so keen on this, so if bats are a bit too batty for you dragonflies and certain birds are also natural mosquito predators. 
  4. The Real Deal- The citronella candle is the go-to choice for mosquito removal. Sad to say, but most store bought candles use a fake citronella scent, not the actual oil. Make your own candles using real citronella essential oil if you want to really keep the pests away. 
  5. Ice Them- The carbon dioxide we breath out is what attracts mosquitoes, and dry ice gives off so much carbon dioxide, it’s Al Gore’s worst nightmare. You can use dry ice to set a trap and banish the bugs forever. Just put some dry ice in a bowl, wait for them to swarm, and then put the lid on the bowl. After that it’s just a waiting game. 

Mosquitos are a surefire way to keep you from enjoying the great outdoors, which is a shame. Having dated and clunky outdoor furniture is also a shame. FIFTEENTH AND HOME can help you simplify your patio and help you make the most of Spring and Summer.