How to Accessorize Your Home

You’ve found your couch, picked out your coffee table, decided on a chair or two, and now it’s time for the little guys. Accessories are small in size but they can make big problems when you’re trying to tie a room together. 


You’d be shocked by the amount of frustration these little buggers can cause. To save you from starting arguments over picture frames and candle sticks, here’s some accessory advice. 

  • Patience isn’t a virtue, it’s a necessity- One of the best ways to accessorize your home is over time. Pick up a trinket here or there during a vacation or a trip the market. Trying to fill your entire room with one visit to one store might make the room look cookie cutter. 
  • First things first- It’s best to buy the big items like furniture before you buy accessories. You can hunt for furniture based the look of a vase, but it’s easier to do it the other way around.  
  • The big finish- A good rule of thumb for accessories is to use a few large accessories instead of lots of tiny ones. Once you pick out the large pieces, find smaller accessories with a similar finish to give uniformity to the room. 
  • Keep it fresh- Accessories are great way to show off the seasons in your home. Update the accessories based on the time of year. Bring in some bring flowers for Spring, use some bright colors in Summer, find a warm wreath for Fall, and use a little Christmas cheer in the winter. 

Accessories are the little details that make room feel like someone’s home and not like a picture in a catalog.