How to Find the Perfect Grey

Grey used to be a drab boring color, but now people are going gaga for grey. It’s sleek, it’s fashionable, and it’s anything but dreary. All this hubbub makes grey an obvious first choice for anyone wanting fresh paint on the walls.  

If you’re planning on rushing to the paint counter and grab some grey swatches, you might need to take it slow.


There are a few thousand options when it comes to grey. You can have a light grey, a dark grey, a charcoal grey, a blue-grey, a tan-grey, and you can even have a cup of earl grey while you decide.

The best way to find the perfect grey is to follow these simple steps.

  1. Be patient- This is going to take some time, so get ready for a long journey.

  2. Get Samples- Most paint suppliers sell small sample size bottles for a few dollars. These are your best friend. Get three to five and paint a small patch of each color on every wall you’ll be painting. Come up with a system to remember the name of each patch.

  3. Wait- Let the patches dry and wait for at least 24 hours. See how the light changes the way the paint looks throughout the day.

  4. Narrow and repeat- Pick your favorites and narrow the competition down to two. Paint larger patches and repeat the process of step 3.

  5. Commit- Pick the winner and get to work.

One problem that will drive anyone mad when picking a grey is the blue and tan tones that greys have. You’ll find that a lot of greys look too blue or too tan on the walls. To avoid this faux pas, try to find a grey with a beige undertone, a “greige”  if you will.