Summer, Sunshine, and Sales!

Summer brings warm weather, beach vacations, cookouts, and fantastic sales. At FIFTEENTH AND HOME we’re just giddy about the last one. In fact, we’re so giddy, one sale wasn’t enough. 

So we’re offering two deals that will knock your socks off. Afterall, who wears socks in the summer?

The Florence Lounge chair by Kannoa is the best chair a summer could ask for. This sleek and sturdy chaise lounge chair is perfect for Saturday afternoons spent poolside. 

Because sunbathing is best done in pairs, we’re offering a buy one get one half off deal. This deal is only good until we run out of stock, so grab a friend and hurry hurry.

Our second sale to keep your eye on is the 20% off Summer Classics sale. Not to worry, this sale doesn’t start until May 20th, so you have time to break in your Kannoa chairs before this sale starts. 

From May 20th to May 30th, all custom orders will be 20% off. Summer Classics makes more stylish patio furniture than you can shake a stick at, so you’re sure to find just what you’re patio has been missing. From chairs to tables to benches, Summer Classics has it all.