How to Arrange a Bedroom

It’s where you start and end everyday. It’s where you’re supposed to spend seven hours a night, but realistically only spend five on a good night. It’s (hopefully) a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s your bedroom. 


In the grand scheme of things you probably won’t spend as much time awake in your bedroom as you spend in your living room, but that doesn’t mean you should just shove your bedroom furniture in whatever corner it fits in. 

To set the stage for a restful room, try these steps. 

The Bed

Since the bed will be the biggest piece in the room, let’s start with it. The longest wall is usually the best place for the bed. If this doesn't fit with your idea of feng shui, another idea is to put the bed on the wall directly across from the door. 

Ideally the wall your bed is on won’t be interrupted by doors, or windows (unless they’re spaced far enough to frame the bed well).  

The Dresser 

Whether it’s a dresser, a wardrobe, an armoire, or a credenza, the second largest piece will be the one that holds your clothes. The key to placing a dresser is creating balance between the bed and dresser. You don’t want the two biggest pieces huddled together, leaving the rest of the room feeling empty. 

If  you have a shorter credenza style dresser, try putting it directly across from the foot of the bed to create a fluid line. You can probably use it as a TV stand too, which makes binge watching much more convenient.

The Extras

Now that we have the two big pieces taken care of, we can move on to extras. You may not have room for all of these, but it’s more fun if you do. 

  • A cute little bench at the foot of the bed
  • Having one night stand is fine, but two-night stands balances the bed better
  • A rug around the bed helps break up the room a bit.

Don’t settle for a bedroom you don’t miss while you’re away. Come by the shop and we’ll help you find all pieces for your bedroom puzzle.