Ottomans Are Like Swiss Army Knives

I know what you’re thinking, ottomans are just glorified bean bag chairs. But don’t fret, let us explain why ottomans are just bursting with potential. Ottomans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, which is why ottomans can be used in so many ways.

To illustrate the many uses of ottomans, take a look at our four favorite ways to use this fantastic furniture.

Take a Seat- Ottomans are terrific for extra seating. Because of their compact size, they can be easily stored under the coffee table or in a corner when they’re not needed. It’s easy to find a set of ottomans in a color or pattern that compliments your larger pieces.

Stow it Away- Add a few hengs to an ottoman and you have an equally cute and clever way tuck away books, blankets, and other goodies right in the middle of your living room without anyone knowing.  

Table Talk- Using an ottoman as a coffee table can add just the right amount of flair to the room. You’ll want to use ottomans with firm padding, so it can hold cups and glasses without spilling. If you’re feeling really dangerous, grouping a few ottomans together gives you a stylish table that can also be used as seating for charades night.

Bedtime- Tired of sitting on the bed to put your shoes on in the morning? Put one or two ottomans at the foot of the bed that creates a space to get ready in the morning. If only ottomans could make coffee too.