Outdoor Fabric Trends for 2016

One of our beloved suppliers, Summer Classics, just released their fabric trends report for 2016. To give you a condensed recap of the detailed report, here are a few highlights. 

Looks Aren’t Everything

Obviously, we want all of our fabrics to look stunning, but that just not enough anymore. The first trend for 2016 is low maintenance, high performance materials. Designers and suppliers have started focusing on creating fabrics that don’t fade and clean easily. 

There’s still plenty of room for improvement, but the demand is certainly there. These new super fabrics are slowing becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. 

The Holy Trinity

If you’re looking for the top three fabrics to use, look no future than jacquard, damask, and linen. These three have always been in hot demand, but this year the demand could not be higher. The best thing about using these three is the ability to mix and match. 

All three options come in patterns that play nicely with each other and you can set whatever mood you want to. 

Join the Navy

According to Trend Magazine the hottest color for 2016 outdoor furniture is navy. This dark, elegant, but still fresh color is a great option for almost any color scheme. Pantone’s colors for 2016, rose quartz and serenity, both conveniently pair well with navy. Aqua, coral, grey, and cream are also excellent option to pair with navy.

Don’t feel anchored to navy though, your patio is your canvas so use whatever colors or patterns you wish.