4 Home Bar Ideas

This might sound like an obvious statement that needs no supporting argument to some, but we think every home should have a bar. Not every bar has to be some elaborate contraptions with dual taps and stocked to the gills with exotic spirits and wines. Home bars can come in all shapes and sizes, and here are four of our favorites. 

The Humble Cart- These little guys have become very chic, and for good reason. They’re great for small spaces, you can find one that matches any decor style, and if you don’t like where it is you can wheel it to another room. 

Prohibition Bar- If you’re not a fan of hitting the hootch, then consider making a coffee bar. Set up an espresso machine, maybe grab a Chemex or two and you’ll have caffeine for days as well as a great display for all your coffee gadgets. 

Keep it Secret- Don’t want your bottles out in the open all the time? You’re in luck. BDI’s Corridor Bar is the most inconspicuous bar you’ve never noticed. When the doors are closed it’s an unassuming cabinet, but when the doors swing open it transforms into a premier destination for any libation lover. 

Go Big- For the serious entertainer, a full scale stand alone bar can’t be beat. Going this route takes a bit more planning, given the size of the piece. The best place for such a bar is typically either in the living room, den, basement, or patio. You’ll need to carefully plan the placement of the bar so it is easily accessible and won’t interrupt the traffic flow of the room. 

Bars are great for creating entraining space as well as a functional area to perfect your mixology. We have loads of options for home bars at FIFTEENTH AND HOME like the BDI Corridor bar, and if you need help planning your full scale bar just give us a call.