Lights, Music, UMA

They say too much of a good thing is a bad thing, but is two good things much of a bad thing? The good people about were nice enough to combine two entertainment essentials, and they even made it portable. 

The UMA sound lantern lets you set the mood with lights and sound. 



Sparing no expense, Pablo used state-of-the-art warm LED lights that can be dimmed in the touch of a finger. The signature warm LED light looks like a cozy campfire in a traditional lantern form. This makes the UMA the perfect centerpiece for a back porch cocktail or a camping getaway.


UMA delivers high fidelity omnidirectional sound controlled by Bluetooth. The woofer and tweeter combination produces 360° sound that sounds great in any directions. Pablo worked with Bang & Olufsen to ensure top shelf sound. With an 8 hour battery, you can use the UMA all night long. 

The UMA has been quite popular on the awards circuit, winning the 2016 AZURE Magazine People's Choice Award and the 2016 Good Design Award Australia. It has also been featured in the June 2016 edition of Oprah Magazine.

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