Inaugural National Pie Day Sale

There’s nothing more American than pie and saving money, so we thought we would roll them together and see what happens. In honor of National Pie Day, FIFTEENTH AND HOME will be having a tremendous sale tomorrow with up to 75% off items. As if the sale isn’t enough to entice you, we’ll be serving cherry pie and coffee from Tulsa’s own Antoinette Baking Company. If you’ve never had pie from Antoinette you should know they take their pies very seriously.


Enough about the pies, what about the sales? We have a beautiful selection of items on sale Saturday. Here’s just a few to give you a taste.


Bugatti Lamp by Interlude Home


This gorgeous acrylic lamp gives shape and interest to any desk, side table, or nightstand.   


Atlante Lamp by Slamp

When was the last time your lamp turned heads? The Atlante is guaranteed to do just that.


City Nightstand by Calligaris

Simple and sleek. This is what other nightstands dream about becoming.


Arctic Media Cabinet by Question Objects

Careful, you might spend more time staring at the TV stand than actual TV.


Frankie Chair by American Leather


A looker from every angle, this handsome devil looks like the spot Don Draper himself might polish off his 3rd glass of scotch.


Arctic Vertical Dresser by Question Objects

A touch of modern yet perfectly simple. You’ll be shocked by how much these six drawers can hold.


James Rocker by Indo Puri

Take one part tropical and one part midcentury modern, add a garnish of comfort, and you’ll get this incredibly unique rocking chair.


Be sure to stop by Saturday to see all the incredible items we have on sale and fill up on scrumptious pie and coffee.










What to do with a Small Living Room

Having a small living room can be such a drag, and if it’s arranged improperly it can be even worse. Smaller living rooms are a common problem, particularly among older homes. The good news is the right layout and arrangement of furniture can make a world of difference. Here’s a few helpful tips and tricks.

Calligaris Mascotte Table 

Calligaris Mascotte Table 

  1. Don’t overdo it- Unless you plan on tearing down walls, your small room will always be a small room. So please don’t try to make your 150 square foot living room into a grand ballroom. Having the right expectations will help you embrace the room’s strengths instead of fighting its weaknesses. 
  2. Stretch the eye- Using a tall floor lamp can draw the eye up and a longer stretched canvas on the wall can spread the eye horizontally. Playing clever little tricks on the eyes distracts from the actual size of the room and focuses the attention on the lovely pieces you’ve selected. 
  3. Furniture big and small- Picking the right sized furniture can be one of the hardest parts. You want furniture that fits, but you also don’t want teeny-tiny furniture no one can enjoy. Use the measuring tape before you buy and don’t be afraid to try multiple arrangements. 
  4. Pull the couch off the wall- One great way to create extra space for storage and to display your favorite nicknacks is to pull the couch off the wall a bit. This lets you sandwich a console table between the couch and the wall. 
  5. Double agent- In small spaces you’ll want everything to wear more than one hat. An ottoman can double as a coffee table and a TV console might moonlight as a wine cabinet. Versatile pieces like this can be hard to come by, which is why FIFTEENTH AND HOME is chock-full of great pieces that play the double agent role. Stop by the shop to find perfect pieces for any sized room. 

How to Pick a Color Scheme

Color. Color is what makes this world so grand to live in. Colors can also make or break a room. When trying to pin down a color scheme for a room there are a few ways to do it right, but loads of ways to do it wrong. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your room’s color scheme looks like it walked out of a design catalog.


1- Inspiration: Find something that inspires you to use as the foundation of the color scheme. It could be a painting, a pillow, or even your favorite bottle of merlot. If you use this tactic, be sure you don’t take the inspiration too literally. The last thing you want is for it to look like your inspiration piece invaded the room. Subtlety is key.


2- Your Closet: Odds are you buy clothes in colors you like and look good in. So go browse through your closet and see what themes pop up. If your closet is mostly neutrals and muted tones, you should probably keep lime green and electric blue out of your living room. But then again, we should all probably keep lime green and electric blue out of our living rooms.



3- Use Math: There’s an old designer’s trick known as the 60-30-10 rule. It doesn’t matter if you cheated off that cute boy to pass algebra or if he cheated off you, anyone can use this formula so don’t let the numbers scare you. Sixty percent of your room should be covered with your dominant color, 30% with a secondary color, and 10% with an accent color.



4- Size Matters: When designing for a smaller room people have a tendency to try to brighten it up with lots of whites to make it feel bigger. Sadly, at the end of the day a small room is still a small room. Instead of fighting the limits of your room, embrace them. Let the big rooms in your house have the bright, light, and airy feel and use warm rich colors in smaller rooms to let them wrap you up like a cozy sweater.



5- Old Faithful: If all else fails and your room winds up looking like Liberace and Larry the Cable Guy tag teamed the design efforts, it’s time to dust off the color wheel. It’s not as fun or artsy, but the color wheel can tell you which colors go together.



The colors will define a room for better or worse. Finding the right color scheme isn’t something everyone can do, so let the design team at FIFTEENTH AND HOME help you find the perfect colors to fill your home.  




Your New Favorite Chair

Everyone has their favorite chair. It could be a reading chair, a napping chair, a thinking chair or all three rolled into one. If you’re in the market for a new chair that can be your new favorite, allow me to introduce you to the Rose chair by Younger. The stunning curves cast a vision of simplicity and decadence. Younger has been a trusted name in upholstered furniture for years and their commitment to quality shines brightly in this piece.

There are five reasons why the Rose chair will be your favorite chair for any occasion.

  1. It’s all about the base- The Rose chair is made with a sturdy base of gorgeous hardwood, shaped to fit into any design plan.

  2. It’s been framed- Kiln-dried North American hardwoods, double-doweled and glued, with blocked corners and joint breakers for added reinforcement, form a strong and long-lasting frame.

  3. Spinning a web- To make sure you’re comfortable in any situation, hand woven webbing is used instead of springs. The result is a remarkably comfortable and supportive experience.

  4. Tighter than a drum- Upholstered by hand and constructed of 2.0 density foam lets you relax in this chair for years to come without worrying about sagging.

  5. Padding never hurt anyone- What good is a chair that isn’t comfortable to sit in? Younger uses a double layer of padding to make sure you never want to leave the chair again.

Start your new year with a resolution to do more with less. The Rose chair by Younger gives you plenty of options without being a bulky eyesore.  With all the hustle and bustle of the new year, this chair won’t be here long so come in quick to get one or two for your home.

A Lamp with Attraction

A couple of weeks ago we chatted about our new friend the magic LED desk lamp, and this week we’re introducing a lamp with a truly magnetic personality. The Lana lamp from Pablo is the Swiss Army knife of lamps. It can transform from a desk lamp to a wall lamp and then a floor lamp, all in the blink of an eye.

The most fantastic part is all these transformations can be made with one hand tied behind your back. The Lana lamp uses a magnetic attachment system so all you have to do is pick up the lightweight shade and LED module and place it on the wall mount or pedestal.

That’s right, no pesky Ikea nuts and bolts to fumble with and no bewildering instructions to follow. Just decide where you want to put it and put it there, it’s easier than selling a heater to an eskimo.


Once you’ve decided where it’s going, it’s a snap to adjust the shade and light. Since the shade is magnetically attached, you can position it any which way you can think of: upside down, sideways, right side up, or maybe even a little off-kilter.


Not only is it simple to move and adjust, it’s made of simply the best materials. The handcrafted 100% wool felt shade offers a soft and welcoming look, which is married to a high tech LED light featuring full range dimming, directional light source and a touch sensitive switch with light level memory.



The cherry on top is you get to take your pick of five elegant colors for the shade. Not to be out done by the shade, the pedestal also comes in one of two equally striking finishes.  


Lana by Pablo is positively the most versatile lamp you can hope to find. These award winning lamps are bound to disappear fast so don’t dilly dally around, swing by the shop and take one home.

Save the Holidays, with a Sofa.

With the merry holidays a hop skip and a jump away, I’m betting you’ve been buzzing like a bee to get everything ready. There’s meals to cook, gifts to buy and of course, relatives. Preparing for your relatives to visit is a dreadful task, but I promise going to the liquor store isn’t the only way to brace yourself for the in-laws.  


The sofa is sure to be the center of activity during the festivities, so why not make it a comfortable center of attention. Your friends and family will be sitting, lying, napping, sleeping and hopefully not standing on your sofa. 


This is your chance to really show them you’ve got it together. Having a sofa that’s pretty to look at and comfortable to sit and sleep on is no small job. There’s a few things to keep in mind when hunting for that all important focal point. 

  1. Quality is your friend- Your cheeks will spend a lot of time in this seat so don’t be skimpy. Buying a high quality sofa might mean paying a higher price, but don’t let it scare you. Make sure it’s made with top shelf materials, and maybe even get a warranty. You won’t regret it.
  2. Size matters- Before you leave the house, measure the place the sofa will be living to make sure you don’t buy something that takes more than its fair share of room. You’ll also what to think about the other furniture in the room, they have feelings too. If all your furniture is low to the ground and you buy a tall monstrosity of a sofa things might get awkward. 
  3. Sleep on it- A sofa with a pullout mattress is a great option for the entertainer with overnight guests. After all, you want to spoil your guest with a restful night on a soft mattress, not a night of tossing and turning on a couch. 


American Leather is absolutely the the cream of the crop when it comes to sleeper sofas. There’s no bars, springs or sagging in the mattress. Just pure delight and a deep slumber. Not only is the mattress to die for, the simple yet elegant style can complement any room. 

With an American Leather sofa your relatives will be so impressed they might even get along this year. 

Magic LED Desk Lamp

The shop has a new little friend that can do a magic trick. Don’t believe me? Kindly direct your eyes to the video below.

This nifty lamp can go from 0 to 18 inches faster than you can say hopscotch. And the best part is when you need some up close lighting, the lamp makes the arm vanish like Jimmy Hoffa. Besides being a Copperfield in training, the KIU adjustable desk lamp uses LED lights instead of dingy old incandescent lightbulbs. 

LED lights offer several benefits that incandescent bulbs just can’t compete with. 

  1. These LED lights can be 90% more efficient than regular bulbs. So even though LEDs are a bit more expensive to buy, you’ll save oodles of money on your electric bill. 
  2. You can’t go two minutes without hearing someone talk about how we’re slowly killing the environment. Tragic as this is, you can do your part by using LEDs because they’re made with non-toxic chemicals.  
  3. LEDs last longer than most relationships. So even though your fling with that handsome beau only lasted a couple weeks, these bulbs last 60,000 hours. 

So this lamp can do magic, is good for your wallet and the world, and there’s still more. The shade can adjust 120° and is made with a honeycomb design that’s sure to be all the buzz. 

Since it was designed in Germany, you know they thought of everything. And this time everything included a dimmer for when you need to set the mood. With only one finger you can take the room from bright and fresh to comfy and cozy. 

This magic lamp can be yours in either a matte black or shiny chrome finish. Both are sure to match any room. 

If you have a blank spot on your desk that needs to be brightened up, swing by the shop and snatch one up while we still have some left. 

Sleeper Sale

No bars, no springs, no sagging.

The Comfort Sleeper is in a category by itself. It's not only a gorgeous piece of furniture, it's the only sleeper with the Tiffany 24/7 Sleep System. Solid platforms provide even support for the full-length, high-density foam mattress. And, the patented mechanism opens and closes almost effortlessly. No other sleeper is as comfortable, because no other sleeper compares. 

Tempur-Pedic and Gel option available. Made in America. In your home in about 30 days.

And it's on SALE: August 30 - September 30